Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little Toot Tee

OK, so what do we do with a T Shirt from Big W for $8.94?
It's sad and boring ...

here is another sad T Shirt ....
Well, you can iron on a T Shirt Transfer - I've had a hankering for this little bit of nostalgia from my childhood ....

I love Little Toot - to be honest can't remember the plot - I just love that cheeky face ... and he had a very important job to .... This Tee is for my Sweet Pea ....

Did you have the books and little 45 rpm record combo as a child? Another favourite of mine is "The Seven Little Postmen" - they had a job to do - AND THEY DID IT!
Here is the iron on stuff ....... I used an ElnaPress - the instructions for the normal iron were very complicated - and you can't do it on an ironing board ...

Only problem is ..... I positioned it too high!!! DOH! It looks like my T Shirt shrank in the wash!!

Little Toot wouldn't have been so hasty!


  1. I don't remember Little Toot - but I'm very nostagic about all the little 45rpm records we had as a kid. I think my older brother has snaffled them all (as collectrs items).... I might go and reclaim a few of them now.

    I'm dying to play with some iron-on transfers and pritable fabric. Looks like fun.

  2. It looks great!

    My favourite book and 45rpm record was the tin soldier and the paper ballerina. I used to sob and sob and sob at the end when the soldier melted in the fire and all they found was a blob of metal in the shape of a heart.

  3. He's cute as a bug, that chubby little tug
    called little toot
    (tootle a tootle a toot)

    a ship in distress came into view
    all by himself he made the rescue
    now when the other tugboats
    stand around and root
    they root for Little Toot!

    My younger siblings had this and other little golden books on a cassette - there were some MIGHT long trips in the back on the Kombi where I tried to ignore their music, LOL!

  4. Don't remember Little Toot. TV came very late to South Africa! I do remember playing the 45 rpm records though! I still have a small collection and received an old record player from a friend last year. I payed a fortune to have a needle fitted and a service and cannot use it now. The modern HiFi's need another expensive adapter to use it! Maybe I will get the adapter when I am too old to sew!

    I bought the T-Shirt kit for my HP printer recently but have not used it yet. It looked so good on the dress form, who knew it would sit higher on you? I would not have thought about it either!

  5. Oops! Not sure what "payed" means! Apologies, meant to say "paid"!


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