Monday, June 14, 2010

Bush Dancing Anyone?

It's amazing what one finds in crumpled up plastic bags ...
All of these sweet little ladies have been trying to dance in the daylight
Many a netball game and training session has been used to train these girls
Even the odd school excursion to Luna Park .... completed some time ago and abandoned, this is a Sweetwattle Design - I can't find a website for them, but they are located in Wahroonga, Sydney, and they used to advertise frequently in Australian quilt magazines. The design was meant to be done in redwork, but I prefer to use colour and I thoroughly enjoyed stitching these cute designs.
They finally got an audience in my studio ... just for a very brief season ... . where are they now? Back in the plastic bag!


  1. Very sweet quilt and embroidery.

  2. Eep! They're so sweet. Let them out of the plastic bag, I say!

  3. Oh My... totally beautiful... I have a silly question - did you stitch the dancing ladies by hand or with your machine... just Awesome.

  4. Yes Sheila, I stitched the ladies by hand - the machine quilting was done by someone else.

  5. WOW - that is brilliant. Super wonderful! Such gorgeous stitching.

  6. Yes, yes, do leave them out of the plastic bag. They deserve to be seen!


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