Sunday, December 12, 2010

Party, Bag and Dress

It's that time of year again and I recently had a little Christmas get together with my students at a local and very great little restaurant, Cozzies Cafe at Swansea. I set the table with discarded pattern tissue and presented a little sewing gift for each of my guests ..... thanks girls!!! We had a lovely night!

Back in the studio, and here is a bag finished by Nicole. It is a Wrap Bag and Nicole used old denim jeans spliced with some upholstery weight fabric and she also used brown piping to divide each section.
This is a very big bag - heaps of room - perfect for those who carry EVERYTHING them ...that is, new mothers and maybe students or a great beach bag. The recycled jeans are an absolute winner for bag projects - so much character and strength!
And for me ... I've had this dress cut out and waiting patiently for about 6 months, so it's great to finally make it up and wear it .... it's also great to get some location shots .... can anyone guess where I am???? A no- brainer really ...
Back to the dress ... the Selfish Seamstress alerted her readers to this one ... BWOF 05/2008 Dress 125. Take note of how the styled photograph from the magazine is quite deceiving - but the line drawing is interesting (you'll have to go to the SS's link above).
I used a Martin & Savage fabric called PR Pinstripes - Cotton, Polyester and some Lycra.
The dress is fully lined - I used a Cotton/Silk from Tessuti's.
This dress has great potential - it is comfortable - and will transfer to many seasons - just throw on a jacket and you're set! Construction was straight forward - well, as straight forward as Burda can be!
Do you like my beads? A 10 minute project using resin beads from Empire Beads - sort of makes you think twice about one's hobby???  And the final shot - here is my Shaun - my patient and loyal photographer in our only self timer shot - I bent my legs cause I had no idea if we made it into the frame.


  1. Beautiful Blacksmiths (& Swansea), dress and bag. And as for Shaun, every girl should have one.

  2. I'll have to exclude Swansea ... Swansea Heads yes, but Swansea no! And no - every girl will not get my Shaun!!

  3. Your dress looks terrific on you, and I love your pattern tissue table cloth.
    Lovely photo of you and Shaun.

  4. Gorgeous dress; it looks great on you! I was going to comment how much I like the necklace before I read that you made it... ten minutes? Awesome. I'm wearing colorful beads today, too.

  5. A fun necklace and a good looking dress. Love the couple shot and the beautiful background. Also, great idea using old tissue pattern paper for your tablecloth!

  6. Great dress and love the beads. Cozzies is great, try and take DM there when we can, and Swansea Heads now that might be a good beach for our dog? Great shot of you and Shaun.

  7. Oh the perfect LBD!! Looks fabulous. And such a clever idea, the tissue pattern tablecloth. Like, very much. Fun, AND appropriate to your group!

  8. What a cute idea for a tablecloth! Great little LBD there, too. :)


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