Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learn to Sew Classes

Just thought I'd show off some of my student's work. Shez made this Vogue 1061 Jacket - however, Chez is modelling it - great design - superb back detail.
Fabric is a very nice double knit from Spotlight. Sleeves are very interesting - and "elephant style" with elastic ruching in the bottom section. Well done Sheryl! I've got a plan for this jacket pattern myself .....
Nicole made a little iPad cover last night - how cute are the polka dots with the denim - I even get to play with the iPad sometimes!!!

New student Cathy is always busy making little dresses for grandchildren - this a Burda pattern in a great print.
It wasn't hemmed at the time of the photo ......
And finally, another new student and another Nicole, made this knit tunic for her mum. Love the colour and the print......
With a little tuck on the sleeve hem .....
I very much enjoy our classes - always fun and a mighty pleasant way to spend 3 hours! If you're interested in coming along - and you live in my neck of the woods - Newcastle / Central Coast, NSW, Australia . please contact me - I have vacancies in the Tuesday Day time and the Night time class... I must add that I have recently been emailing a lady who was really keen to join my classes - and we've been organising times etc... then she wanted to know how long it would take to get here ..... from ..... Corvallis, OREGON!!!!  What a shame!!  And, a parting shot taken by my son, Sunrise from my beach, Blacksmiths Beach on Monday 2nd May.......


  1. Oh that is soooo funny about the lady in Oregon!!

  2. What great projects! All so different, but all lovely. I am glad you are helping to get more people up and running with sewing. I worry it is a dying hobby and soon we won't be able to find fabric to buy any more!

  3. 20-odd hours doesn't sound like too long to travel to one of your classes, does it?

    (I have family in Oregon... I believe it's quite lovely there... perhaps you could organise a business trip for yourself..?)

  4. I have that Vogue pattern. This post has reminded me to make it up this winter. I love it.

  5. I wish I lived closer. I would love to join in one of your classes! I have the Vogue jacket pattern too. I really like this version you have shown.

  6. I really like this version you have shown. And waiting for some more.

  7. Hi! Just wanting to know a little more about your sewing classes. I finally want to get around to learning how to use my sewing machine properly and how to make my sewing look less like it was sewn by a drunk 2 year old. Thanks :)

    1. HI Kel, Thanks for your message, sorry I'm not actually teaching privately at the moment, due to an increase in my hours at my high school teaching job .... may I suggest that you contact the Australian Sewing Guild - via their website - they have a listing of teachers - Best wishes and Good Luck!!!


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