Monday, May 30, 2011

Style Arc Terry Tie Cardi and Vogue 1061 Pants

 Caught! How to use the remote control .... Here is my Terry Tie Cardi - pattern by Style Arc and fabric was a remnant from Tessuti's (I think) - it's a merino knit - and very lovely to work with. This is a quick and easy cardigan pattern, with a relaxed front - just the ties keep it together. Easy enough to follow the brief instructions - except I forgot completely to apply the neck binding stay and their are no instructions on how to finish the front edge. I emailed Style Arc and they promptly replied with some pics of how they babylocked the edge - which looked to me like a rolled hem. I ended up just machine stitching the front edge down - in the pics here the edges have not been finished. I made a Size 10 which was fine. I can see myself making this up again.

The black pants are the pants from Vogue 1061 - I made the tunic coat previously. The stretch pants do not have an elastic inserted - the waistband has negative ease and they simply stretch to fit. I used a heavy ponte - to be honest, I thought I was turning a bit senior citizen with these, but ahhh they are great! Especially since I'm likely to wear them with longer tops. I made a size C - D - according to my measurements. The back fits well over my bum - but I could fold a little of the excess out of the front. The front darts seem to be placed too close together too - didn't photograph that sorry.  I finished these pants last week - and I have already worn them heaps - so that's a pretty good testimony I guess!


  1. Your cardigan is a very pretty color. I like how the front looks with the tie. Neat design. Also, glad the pants worked out. I wondered if they were a pair worth making. Looks like they are!

  2. New pants and a cute new cardi! Great! Style Arc patterns seem to be popping up everywhere. Will you sew more of them?

  3. I love the cardigan and had to laugh about the turning a bit senior comment. This is the terror of all women in their 50s!

  4. Great cardi, love the colour and the pants look good as well. Glad to know that I'm not the only one having those senior thoughts :)

    Waiting for my remote contraption to arrive, could be more photos like yours showing up.

  5. Gay! I knew you were clever, but I never knew that you were a top sewer, too! So nice to 'see' you again. I look forward to following along with your tutorials. :)

  6. I really like your cardi. At the craft show I did a seminar with Judy from Punch with Judi and one thing she demonstrated was fusible thread. It had all types of applications including just being able to hold facings down or in this case I suppose it may be possible to use on your front edge by just sewing along the edge and then pressing under. I haven't used it yet, but ideas for its use keep popping into mind. I think Judy has some ideas on her web page she said.


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