Thursday, May 12, 2011

Finished: Style Arc Sara Jacket

Oh joy oh joy! This is one project I am super happy to have finally finished!! My Sara Jacket made following Sherry's wonderful Ready To Wear Tailoring Sew Along.
This is my first Style Arc pattern and their instructions are sparse. If it wasn't for Sherry's expertise I would have struggled big time by trying to decipher the industry speak in the instructions. There are no diagrams in their instructions - they are basically an order of work.
The fabric was a Martin & Savage "Monaro" mostly polyester, 40% wool and a little spandex. I should have gone for a 100% wool, there are tiny press marks and indentations from the polyester component.
 The pattern is beautifully drafted - I did add about 1cm on most seams around the bodice (I had a Size 10 pattern) - tapering to nothing on the upper bodice. The many notches are really helpful and I have fallen in love with hem notches! I love the block fusing and fusing the hems - the jacket really feels like a proper one!!
I love my lining - shimmer rayon purchased at the recent ASG Industry Day.
I'm very happy with my welt / jet pockets. The breast pocket was done following the Reader's Digest book - and it isn't fantastic - I couldn't follow the pattern instructions and they weren't part of Sherry's instructions - but something to master in the future. I did 2 bound buttonholes - Sherry has a separate tutorial for them. And even though I did quite a few practice ones, on my jacket one was good the other quite disastrous - the little welts were a tad too short and I had trouble poking them back through after slashing the opening, so had to do a re-apply and oh well - live and learn!!
Overall, it was a long but rewarding project. I can highly recommend Sherry's Sew A Long - she is thorough and her tips and techniques were wonderful. The only hand sewing is sewing on the buttons and the little bit of hand sewing on the facing of the bound buttonholes. I am now in need of a quicker project, however, I know that I really really should make a another jacket to reinforce all of the skills from this project. Sherry made her coat in about 3 hours ...!!!! Mine - well, much much longer than that, but I feel that I have learnt so much that I could cut that time down considerably now that it's all in perspective!!! Well, I guess you should watch this space to see if I do as I should!!


  1. It looks great! You have a nice fit, and it looks like it came from a fancy department store. I cannot even see your wonky button hole, and I am pretty sure that no one else will notice either!

  2. AWESOME!!! love it... you did a great job.

  3. Very stylish and look forward to your next creation. Wool makes creating the jacket that much easier, it presses better and eases better. Agree Sherry's sew-along is stunning and I am still up to toile stage, work has got in the way.

  4. Wow that does look great. You've achieved a perfect fit and the finish is very professional. I have Sherry's sew along in storage for my tailored jacket project.

  5. Your jacket looks great, and it's such a classic - you'll be wearing it forever!

  6. Your jacket looks wonderful on you.
    You look great....a perfect fit!

    I just bought a pattern from style arc (Linda Stretch pant) and I'm looking forward to making it up.

  7. You have done a fabulous job on that jacket! Thanks also for sending the Sara pattern!

  8. Beautiful jacket! Congrats on finishing it! I am also trying to finish up my jacket for Sherry's Sew-Along. I keep changing my mind about what buttons to use. I've got some coming in the mail this week... Hopefully they'll fit the bill. Again, though, great job on the jacket!

  9. Wow! Your jacket turned out very sharp. I love the lining you used too. I need to make some progress on my jacket!

  10. What a great job on the jacket!


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