Monday, June 11, 2012

Magyar Jumper

And sew it seams that there is nothing better than a Long Wet Weekend to blitz through some sewing.

 Miss 15 requested a Magyar Jumper like the one I made at TAFE earlier.. so a quick email to Rosemary at Chic Fabrique provided me with some great lacey jumper knit fabric - perfect!!
 Do you ever use the Differential Feed on your overlocker? Well, this was a perfect time to change settings to prevent the wobbly edge as shown in the photo below - makes a huge difference.

Differential Feed used on the Left edge and No Differential Feed on the Right edge.

 She didn't want the large cowl neck as the original one had, so I just did a small collar - probably could have done it a bit tighter - or maybe just the open knit structure was never going to pull in the collar ...? In any case she's happy and I'm happy.  A great quick and easy project.

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