Monday, June 11, 2012

Style Arc Jane Over Shirt

Another wet weekend project completed! Style Arc's Jane Shirt - it looks like a  longer style of shirt according to the photo - does it not?.

Well, I made a Size 10 and followed the pattern exactly - and it's much shorter than I expected ..

Fabric: Superfine SILK from Chic Fabrique Green Paisley

Style Arc offers some great up to the minute stylish designs. I have found their fit to be excellent and their patterns are well drafted. Their instructions are sparse - you're basically left to your own devices apart from a general order of construction. Here are a few things I found ..... interesting ..... The sleeve pattern has a slit, the picture from the pattern clearly shows a placket on the long sleeve. There was no placket pattern, and the instructions say to "neaten split and tuck as noted on the pattern". Here is the pattern piece .... I was disappointed with this .... so I had to hunt down a pattern that had a placket (to save my brain the energy of drafting one from the instructions in a book).
For this slippery silky fabric I used heaps of pins to ensure an accurate cut.
I found the rotary cutter did a great job of the cutting process ....
I block fused the fabric that needed interfacing - heaps easier to cut once only.....
Here is the placket pattern piece from the Collette Negroni men's shirt pattern - saved the day!!
I used Spray Starch to stabilise any tricky bits of sewing like the placket.
And here's the placket piece - worth the trouble. However, it did add a little extra width the sleeve hem so I had to adjust the cuff dimensions as well.
Here's the side split as per pattern - heaps shorter than the picture shows as well.

In summary, I'm happy with the shirt - the fabric is just lovely, and the style is quite neat, I'm just disappointed that the picture is a tad misleading - it looks like a longer line shirt with a placket on the long sleeve.Of course I can easily lengthen the shirt for future projects - which I will probably do. If you're attempting to sew this shirt but you like some detailed instructions ... I would highly recommend following the Colette Negroni's men pattern instructions - or any others that have a double back yoke and a placket!!


  1. It looks terrific,but definitely shorter than the fashion illustration. How annoying.
    I love the print, and having silk for an overshirt sounds so luxurious,no wonder it looks so rich and hangs so beautifully. Great job in a tricky fabric.

  2. Beautiful job on the shirt but I too would be disappointed with their lack of instructions and misleading illustration.

  3. Lovely shirt! The fabric is fantastic! Good thing you are an experienced sewer, or the directions might have been a problem. It often seems to be the case that smaller, independent pattern companies offer great style and fit, but less in the way of instructions and quality control. I think this makes them more attractive to confident sewers.

  4. Gorgeous fabric and beautifully made but how disappointing that pattern was.

  5. Lovely fabric and shirt - very disappointing to hear about the placket. I have had a similar experience of a Stylearc pattern not looking like the line drawing (the Maggie jacket). Luckily it was not an issue, but it is interesting to see it wasn't a one-off!

  6. Gorgeous fabric, and you did an excellent job of sewing it. Have you let the folks at Style Arc know of your disappointment? I've heard they are responsive to customer feedback, so it might help future purchasers if they know of the problems with the pattern as you received it.

  7. Luck y you are a good seamstress, if it were me then the shirt would be in UFO pile by now!

  8. Lovely shirt. The fabric is stunning. I must remember your trick of using spray starch. I can think of a long list of past projects that could have benefited from that.

  9. Lovely shirt and thank you for the spray starch tip.

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