Monday, April 25, 2011

RTW Jacket - Style Arc Sara Jacket Toile

So I ditched the original Burda Coat pattern that I started for this Sew A Long - Sherry was right - it is a coat meant for a European winter - so my idea of just shortening it wasn't going to cut it - no matter which size I chose.  So I purchased a Sara Jacket from Style Arc and made a toile - Size 10.

 I think it is a huge improvement! But still a little snug - especially across the back.

 There are some problem areas at the armhole near where the side panel seam meets the sleeve - it is a bit bunchy - so will have to try something to fix it ... I will also have to add a little extra at each seam - mainly at the back to prevent that pulling at my waist.
So back to the table I go!!  And if you'd like to win your very own Sara Jacket Pattern (Size 10) leave a comment here.


  1. Looking good, this is a much better size for you.

  2. What a great improvement; you're doing well! This fits better but I think also the style / length is better. And it looks like you'll need only minor tweaks before you're ready for the good fabric - and then full speed ahead. Good luck!

  3. The fit is almost there. I love the style but a size 10 is way too small for me.


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