Saturday, August 27, 2011

Art Classes at Marks Point

My daughter started Children's Art Classes with Trish Menegazzo at Marks Point several years ago. She thoroughly enjoyed it, but then stopped for quite a while. Here is some of her work:

In an effort to encourage her back to art, I decided I'd go along with her ..... Trish's work is quite inspiring ....

She uses a wide range of mediums .....

And I could just stare at this all day long!!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd have a go at some fashion drawing, sketching, and have recently completed three little pieces using mixed media ...

And now I'm hooked!!! Trish is a patient teacher with excellent ideas ..... If you're interested in having a go, she is having a special workshop day for this "Fish" on Sept 10th at Marks Point (Lake MacQuarie / Newcastle, NSW, Australia). It will be a full day of fun and creativity - you honestly can't go wrong!!! Give Trish a call on 0403 749 631 - she also sells her artwork if you'd like to add a special piece to your work / home.

I must say, it's with clever people like this in my neighbourhood that I am eternally grateful to live where I do!
Finally, this is my daughter's recent piece she did for my sister's birthday ...

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. These are lovely, your daughter is very talented and the fashion sketches you did would be great fun on your sewing room wall. The upcoming class sounds very tempting.

  2. Your daughter has some real talent. And it looks like she didn't fall far from that tree. :)

  3. Your art work is terrific Miss Gay, so is sweet peas. Look foward to seeing them in the flesh when i return

  4. Your pieces are fantastic and so are your daughter's. What a wonderful opportunity to take classes from your talented and inspiring teacher.

  5. Wow those art works are amazing! I can see where your daughters get her talent from, your mixed medium pieces are beautiful. Sam xox


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