Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Handmade Baby Gifts

Friends of ours recently had a baby ...... so I was happy to make a few little things to welcome Baby Luc.

 I used Nicole M's free Bib Tutorial and managed to get some Dick and Jane fabric from Block and Roll at Belmont. The towelling also came from Block and Roll - it's lovely and thick.
 I used 12mm wide blue gingham purchased binding - and it wasn't easy to sew on in one hit - I had to zig zag it on first and then turn and stitch down - quite a fiddly little job!
 This is a cute bib pattern - highly recommend!!

I also made a another little backpack - in the same fabric combinations as before - this time I added a little loop / strap so that it can be hung up.

Baby Luc lives in Indonesia and he's already travelled back to Australia recently, so I think this little fellow will need a back pack with a transportation theme as he grows!  This is a fabulous pattern from Nicole's new book.

Finally, I did a rolled hem around some lovely bamboo / cotton interlock fabric for a wrap.

Welcome Baby Luc!!!


  1. Very cute gift which will come in very handy for Mum and baby Luc as he grows.

  2. Love the fabric combinations. Thanks for today

  3. What great baby presents! So cute and stylish! I love the bib design. It looks like it would stay put, but not choke.

  4. Love ya work.... and isn't that Dick and Jane the cutest range of fabric?

  5. Dick ad Jane fabric - I totally copied your design (well almost) I couldn't believe I could get it locally - and yes - so nostalgic!


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