Thursday, August 11, 2011

Sirdar Weekend Denim, Style Arc Laura Top and a Satchel

After my last knitting marathon, I was determined to find a pattern that would better suit my needs (that is = easier, quicker) ...
Button from Newtown - All Buttons Great and Small
The lovely people at Stitch Bliss suggested this knitting pattern book ...
I chose this design ...Design I .... and I used Sirdar Denim Ultra Yarn (60% Acrylic, 25% cotton, 15% wool), Shade 502 ...
They also recommended this book which is a fantastic resource, I didn't even have to ask mum to help me make this one - everything is explained ....
step by step with lovely clear photographs
 ... but even armed with all this I failed to change needles after starting the rib rows, by the time I realised I had already made good progress, and my family urged me not to undo what I'd done ... I was willing to .. anyway, I was so carrried away with enthusiasm that I just carried on and so the finished garment is a little out of "whack" - I really don't care - it's wearable - and I've learnt a great lesson!!! This was a great project to work on - very quick and straight forward - I'm keen to make another one - properly this time!
I made a long sleeve tee from my Laura Dress Pattern from Style Arc - just taped together the yoke and main pieces, and of course made it shorter. This is a great pattern - too easy!

And to close with ... one of my students recently finished her Satchel bag, using the Large Tote and Satchel Pattern from NicoleM Design - a very popular pattern around these parts! She chose a great Japanese inspired quilting cotton for the flap. The pattern was modified slightly - made a tad larger. Great work Nic!!!
I've tried 3 times to insert this photo correctly! Arrrrgh! Just stretch your neck gently to the right .... lovely!


  1. Wonderful projects! I need to learn to knit. I've been seeing so much of it lately, and it seems so fun to make a sweater out of a ball of yarn. I get a lot of use out of my sweaters thanks to the climate-controlled labs I work in. More sweaters are always welcome!

  2. Your sweater looks beautiful and I love the top. I missed your post on the Laura dress ~ it looks awesome on you. I must now put that pattern on my list :))

  3. ...your student's satchel bag looks great.

  4. I must learn to knit. Must make the satchel for my DD at uni.

  5. Your knitting looks great. How clever do you feel making it with no help! It looks good over your style arc top too, most versatile.

  6. I've used Nikki's satchel bag pattern to make a bag for my daughter. Great instructions and easy to make.

  7. Lovely sweater and love the ribbing throughout the sweater. Don't you just love the feeling of triumph. Great job. Your student did an awesome job on the bag... love the blues.

  8. Greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Have a great weekend folks. Richard from Amish Stories.


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