Saturday, April 9, 2011

ASG Industry Day

ASG Industry Day today at Niagara Park. As always there were 3 excellent speakers who enticed us with their skills and knowledge. Firstly Larraine Jenkins presented a range of helpful tips for general dressmaking, including lots of products to assist in the process. She recommended some products from Judi's Studio in Orange. I purchased a new sleeve pressing board to replace my old constantly collapsing one. I already had the pattern weights and clapper from Judi's - great products and she does mail order.

Out with the old ....
Then we had Marina Lindsay - a fibre artist from Sydney. Marina showed us her embellishing techniques (needle felting) and her lovely range of embellished items. Then she demonstrated another favourite of hers - the couching foot - which was great. I have dabbled with the embellisher previously, but my most recent experience involved lots of broken needles, but after today, I feel that I could give it another go - it is a great technique.
Feeding specialty yarn through the couching foot.

Finally, Maureen Locke Maclean from the Central Coast gave us a presentation of her Shibori techhniques where she uses natural indigo dyes - a process that is just amazing!! She also uses the embellisher machine - not so much to "felt" fibres to another fabric - but to give interesting effects to a fabric alone. I am constantly amazed at the talents of people like our three speakers today - I can totally appreciate their time and skills to produce work that has developed via their passions over many many years - and we are so lucky that they share their enthusiasm and ideas with us!!


  1. Oh gosh. I'm sorry I missed it. Will definitely get back into it when I get back later in the year. Thanks for the post. Also I agree with you re: Judi's Studio, I have the pattern weights and I use them all the time.

  2. Sounds like you had a good day and agree they have wonderful speakers. See you at Simplicity in June :)

  3. I purchased the collar turning pressing tool - it is wonderful but Tessutis charged a fortune.


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