Friday, April 8, 2011

Ready to Wear Tailoring Sew - A - Long Part 1

I've joined up with Sherry's RTW Tailoring Sew- A - Long. She has put so much effort into this so far, I'm lagging behind, but, will catch up eventually.

Step 1: Choose Pattern: BWOF 12/2009 Coat 126 - Except I probably don't need a long coat - so I'll make it a shorter version.

 Step 2: Choose Fabric: Good 'ole exciting BLACK!!!!!
 Step 3: Make Toile
So I traced a size 42 - according to my bust measurement. Needless to say, there will be some adjustments to this pattern.......

At this stage, these are my plans to refine the illfit of this jacket:

1. Adjust for forward shoulder.
2. Shape in all side seams to give a slightly less "boxy look" - just give more shape definition at the waist.
3. Now, I don't have shoulder pads at the moment (I can't believe I disposed of all those 80's shoulder pads!!!) - anyway, I still think it is too wide at the shoulders - will trim that back about 1cm.
4. The sleeve - I'd like some advice on this - take in both seams? Reduce the head of the sleeve? Not exactly sure what to do - I have some "fit" books at the ready.


  1. Can you face making another muslin - I am thinking you might be better off starting with a smaller size. I'm reading along with Sherry's posts and saving them all for when I nest make a tailored jacket, there's so much info in her posts.

  2. Thanks Allison - yes - that's an option - probably best!

  3. I also agree with Allison, I'd use your high bust measurement.

    I've joined the sew along as well even further behind than you just started to trace off 02/2011/108 last night.

  4. Good thing that you're toilling it first, huh? I'd try the smaller size, too....

  5. I'm way behind in the sewalong too, and this muslin thing is hard - hard to know whether to make a new muslin or try to adjust the existing one! Having said that, I think your jacket is going to look great - I think it's really close to being the right fit.

  6. Good thing you didn't go straight to the fabric. I wonder why there is so much room in the sleeves.


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