Sunday, September 26, 2010

Brown Jacquard A-Line and a NEW WINNER ...

Having fine tuned some fitting details on my previous A Line, I was excited to put this lovely little one into action .... purchased at Scone during the last school holidays, it is a winter weight jacquard with a little elastane ..

Topped with my TNT Jalie 2682 -I had about 2 or so metres of this teally blue marle jersey, so as I laid out the pattern pieces I thought I'd be very clever and efficient and use the remainder to cut another envelope top. Man, I thought I was the king pin of efficient layouts ....... until ......
the construction process for the Jalie began ... and I failed to cut TWO of the Bodice Front pieces -each is cut on the fold - so there is actually another layer of fabric under the outermost one .... anyway, I had to piece together any little scribbly bits I had left to make a 2nd Front - the grain and stretch is all out and it's not till these photos that I realise that some of them are even sewn with the wrong sides - all over the shop!!!
Still, it will have to do, I can cope with these kinds of "design features" ..... I'm happy with the skirt - I just LOVE textures with oomph!!
And with regards to my recent giveaway, Wendy has not yet contacted me, so I have re-drawn, and it is my pleasure to announce that the winner is ....

Sharon from "Petite and Sewing" - PLEASE drop me an email and I'll send these goodies off - thanks again to all those who entered!


  1. sorry to hear about the troubles with your top :( It still looks great and the skirt is wonderful!

  2. How lovely, I will drop you an email shortly.

    Love your skirt and sorry to hear about your top.

  3. Excellent skirt. The design feature on your top demostrates resourcefulness and skill - and looks just fine as well! Good save.

  4. Lovely skirt and the colour combination of blue and tan is interesting.

  5. Your skirt looks really stunning, and I would have never noticed a problem with the top, lol, we are our own worst critics, no?! The whole outfit is tres chic!

  6. Oh, the skirt is so pretty! I would have had no idea that the shirt went awry had you not said so. ;)


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