Friday, September 24, 2010

Does my apple look big in this?

I made a quick and easy A- Line Denim Skirt, to test out a pattern I had from a Pattern Drafting Workshop I did in 2005 at Studio Faro in Sydney. I have many Size 10 Blocks from that experience and a few drafted to my size (from 2005). Sue Neall from Palmer & Pletsch teaches us to write down our weight at the time we open a new pattern and begin making adjustments - a very good idea - I've got no idea if I was bigger, smaller or the same now as I was in 2005 - anyway, I had to take in the side seams about 1.5cm each side. I thought the denim needed a lift so I used some apple print to applique on 2 rows at the bottom - and I couldn't resist adding an apple right where the style people tell us to NOT add bits to draw attention!! Oh well, now I've fine tuned this pattern I've got a nice brown jacquard piece waiting patiently in the wings ....

Wendy are you out there? Wendy the winner of my giveaway - please contact me by Sunday - or there will be a redraw!!!


  1. Cheeky!! ;)

    Good tip re: writing down weights on the patterns.

  2. Super cute!! Good cheeky fun, this one. :)

  3. That is so cute! I love the apple rows along the hem.


  4. Love the skirt u r soooo clever. Your apple is perrrrfect.....


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