Friday, September 10, 2010

Nicole's Specs Case

Here is Nicole's Spec Case - she used Nikki's pattern .... confused?

Now, she did actually write down all of the details of the fabric and the type of interfacing she used ....... but in the flurry of cleaning up the studio last night, it seems to have been mislaid .....
So, this is a test .... if you're reading this post Nicole, please leave a comment to tell everyone about the inner mechanics of this little number .... I do know that she is an avid purchaser of vintage fabric .... open wide ...
In any case, her case is just delightful - great work Nicole! And great pattern Nikki!!!


  1. Aha I passed the test! I trialled S320 that I got from Nikkis sample pack on the middle panel - I have made this same cute pattern with medium weight interfacing as well. The middle panel is a vintage (1960's I cant remember??) lightweight fabric from my favourite vintage fabric shop retro age vintage fabrics ( and the side panels are a spotty lightweigh with light/med i/f. So what did I think - the S320 works really well and completely changes the structure compared to med i/f. I love the extra structure it gives but I recommend you do a block with another fabric before applying to a light/sheer fabric as the glue on the S320 can show through on white lightweight fabric but in my case it just looks like part of the pattern on the flowers the small amt you can see - my favourite of this pattern to date!

  2. The fabric was a 1960's vintage voile bought from my second favourite vintage shop (Ebay!)


    For a gal who only started sewing a wee while ago, Nicole is doing remarkably well!

  4. Well done Nic - you passed the test! And Nikki was hot off the mark as well .. yep - Nic is going great guns - she has got the sewing bug - BIG TIME!!!! - and she has a fabric stash to match it!!

  5. Awww shucks girls - a sewing bug that is fed by a great teacher and great easy to follow patterns. Both of you definitely feed the BUG.....

  6. Lovely use of the fabric. I should make one for my reading glasses (that I unfortunately need more and more)

  7. I love this bag, i know how much hard work Nic put into it, all that banging paid off. All the recycled clothing and bags look great.
    Very inspired.
    Laura :)


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