Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Trim, Pants Legs and a Jacquie E Halter Neck Top

My friend Nicole donated a big big bag of her clothing that she no longer needed to me. A few things really caught my eye ... firstly the trim that she had already cut off something else ..... that was quite easy to "rip" off the band of white fabric ....

Then there was a mysterious collection of pant legs - just the legs - canvas, linen, this n that ....
And a white halter neck top from the Jacquie E label.
I made a gored skirt pattern and cut some gores from all of the pant legs ...

This is a golden oldie ...

The seams were sewn with right side on wrong side - overlapping - I pinked the raw edge that was upper most on the skirt and the underside edge was overlocked.
I pinked around the hem line of the skirt and sewed the lovely trim on.
I then added the leftover trim around the V of the halter neck, and took up the hem of the top about 5cm and added the trim to the hemline.
Why waste good ribbon on those annoying hanging bits underneath? So I made a little flower which cried out for a red button in the centre.

Phew! Not long now .....


  1. I love your refashioning, very clever.

  2. Great refashioning ideas coming through, thank you and it is one very cute top and skirt.

  3. I would have never thought of this outfit from the pieces you were given. Very impressed!


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