Monday, September 20, 2010

Deja Vu

Do you remember this top?
Made using Tessuti's "Our Fave Top" free download pattern and the lovely Martin & Savage Fabric.
Well, it's one of those pieces that you sort of like, but, tend to not wear, yet when you do, people tend to give positive compliments..... I sometimes wonder if people just comment on pieces that are unusual or unexpected, and their politeness urges them to say something nice .... well, looking at these photographs again, err, I don't feel that great about it at all ..... I feel like I'm wearing a circus tent .... Having said that, I honestly loved this top on Lisa and Christina and Lara ...

Fortunately I had just enough of this great fabric left to have another shot at a silhouette at the complete opposite spectrum of said Cirque de Soleil .....

Using this Marcy Tilton pattern .... View A
Ahh, that's better .....
This is a great pattern - lots of design possibilities with varying the contrasts and using mesh fabric etc....

I used the very very last of the fabric - I even had to add a band to the sleeve to ensure the length, however, I could possibly make more of these for a small nation from the fabric from the first top ......

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  1. I love the second top. The first top shows off the nice fabric, but disguises your slim figure.

  2. I think your 'fave top' looked nice but may have suited you better if it was shortened? Lisa wears hers quite a lot shorter at the front and back than the pattern measures.

  3. Hi Nikki - you're probably right - I did lengthen the overall front and back from the pattern - I could always cut off and re hem ... worth a try!

  4. Love the fabric and the fitted top looks wonderful on you!

  5. Great top. I really must find where I can buy Martin and Savage fabric. I love working with knits and there have a great range.

  6. That print looks great in the fitted top and it fits you to a tee.

  7. You always seem to find the best fabrics - love the mesh fabric, perfect for early spring.

  8. The second top is much more in line with my personal asthetic - I'm glad you had enough fabric left to make it. Very pretty.


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